HIV and Health CSOs need M&E Policies to provide written guidelines on reporting requirements, roles and responsibilities. CSOs are often implementing partners of donor funded grants and potentially for government programmes. As an implementing partner they need to develop indicator reference guides (frameworks) to allow routine monitoring of activities that are aligned to the goals and objectives of National Programmes. The CSOs need Operational Plans that outline the programme focus areas and outcomes. Costed M&E Plans need to be developed. It is important that the CSOs have a clear comprehensive data flow chart that provides details of the reporting levels from primary data generation to aggregation levels, analysis and final submission of the consolidated report.

The purpose of M&E CD is often to support CSOs to design and implement a robust monitoring and evaluation system which supports the delivery of services by providing information required for measuring the performance of service delivery carried out by CSOs. This is facilitated and supported by the development of a monitoring and evaluation policy, together with indicator frameworks, ensuring the alignment of monitoring to National Programmes. As well as working closely with the CSOs to produce a costed M&E plan, a comprehensive data flow chart and an M&E Manual.

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